I thought it was interesting how every pair interpreted our oral presentation assignment differently. There have been complaints about how the assignment instructions were a little vague and we were unclear of what was expected. The marking rubric helped clarify things but people still developed their own interpretations of the assignment.

This is by no means a criticism. I actually found it really interesting to see how different groups presented. Some groups pretended they were the teacher in the class and taught using one or multiple techniques in the ten minutes. They did not mention specifically what the technique was, however it was generally clear to see what they were doing. Others spoke about the technique and the research and application of the technique and then gave an example about how to teach it. I am still not really sure which was the best way to do it, however I believe that we all learnt a lot of good practical ideas from the presentations so that is great!

I do think that this is a very important lesson in how it feels to be a student. How interpretation can vary from student to student. For high school students I think as teachers we will have to remember to make things very clear, and even if they seem clear to us, it may not be clear to all students. If the aim of an assessment is to get a specific result or understanding, then the instructions must be explicit.